R2: Nicole 2-0 Millie

[7] Nicole Bunyan (CAN) 2-0 Millie Tomlinson (ENG)  15-13, 11-9 (33m)


That game, that match could have gone either way really. It just came down to a little bit of focus, and to the fact I really wanted to win that game.

So the points I was down game ball, then in the extra points, I knew I had to win, ugly if needed, somehow! Then I got a game ball, I relaxed a little bit, because I had put so much energy into it. So I lost my focus a little bit, and that’s due to the length of that game, 22m, it’s not that common now is it! So you start feeling it.

So you’ve got to find other ways to win it because you might not move as quickly as you were before, you risk getting a bit passive, so you have to find a way to stick in there without forcing it. And Millie gets so much back, you’ve got to win it a few times.

Second game, it was both mental and physical because the physical makes it mental for sure. So you have to keep hanging in there. I knew I had a bit of an advantage because I was one up. And when we were at 8/8, I knew I had to keep pushing, that she didn’t want to play a third game, but if I gave her a small opening, she would run away through that door.

So I just had to stay focus till the end. Not one of those games where you feel you can do what you want. You may be feeling 35%, but working with what you got!

What was strange today, was that every single point was feeling like it was the fifth game the entire time. And boy am I happy this was best of three… That first game, every point was so valuable, I thought it was the 5th the whole time…

Just really glad I got over that one, I lost so many close matches recently, happy to win that one, for sure.