Secret no more : it’s Hangar 24

The suspense is lifted: go to… HANGAR 24!

Quai Wilson, at the foot of the Three Continents Bridge, a disused vegetable shed, the last building built for the former MIN (National Interest Market) on the banks of the Loire.

After the Lieu Unique, the city of Congresses, the machines of the island, the Graslin theater and the castle of the Dukes of Brittany, place to a new story and a new atmosphere, a little more destroyed.

We are waiting for you inside, all you have to do is push the door …

In previous editions, the Nantes Open took you to emblematic places. This year, it’s a real story that we are going to tell you: the actors are the players, the public but also artists of great talent.

We wrote it in collaboration with the Nantes cultural association Pick Up Production, which is behind the Transferco, Hip Hop Session and Buzz Booster projects. On the program, hip-hop culture and underground fights…

The emblematic DJ of the event since 2017, DJ One Up, will once again be behind his vinyl turntables for the occasion, accompanied by guitarist Victor Gonin.

The choreographer Gabriel Um and the dancers Kevin Ferré, Fatima and Elodie Chhor will give us their artistic performances all week long.

Finally, our master of ceremonies Rodriguelino, a colorful representative of the French hip-hop movement, will animate each evening as it should. Come and discover this great show!*

See you tonight for the opening night, with two 1/16th finals and Grégory Gaultier’s jubilee.